Our Partnerships

Our partnerships

a firm commitment

to global business

exficon is a cooperation partner, member or partner in many ways. One aspect is predominant: our firm commitment to global business, free trade, successful implementation of projects (with a strong focus on Africa) and making a positive impact in the project country.


exficon is an equity partner of Eight Innovations GmbH, a project development company and one-stop shop for any water-infrastructure related project. Eight Innovations can offer the full value chain from water extraction, purification, distribution, metering, collection / reuse, water treatment and field irrigation. This strong product expertise is complimented by an engineering, planning and design partner, a renewable energy specialist and exficon as financial advisor which enables the company to offer the technical solution (including implementation and training) as well as a financial solution.

exficon has teamed up with QOIS GmbH, a project management company providing technical know-how and engineering skills necessary to complement our own services to provide the full package of technical and financial services as sourcing agent during procurement processes to our common customers.

exficon has signed a cooperation agreement with NMB Consulting in Accra, Ghana for common development of projects and for facilitation of financing solutions for small and medium-sized companies in Ghana which are (regular) importers of goods and services from Germany and / or Europe.


exficon is an active member of German-African Business Association (Afrika-Verein der deutschen Wirtschaft e.V.) which is a foreign trade association representing German companies and institutions with an interest in Africa. exficon is proud to be a partner of the well-established network, and regularly serves as speaker at country forums or conferences of the Afrika-Verein. We both have in common that we advocate a new perception of Africa in Germany: Seeing Africa as a continent of opportunities.

exficon is a member of the Chamber of Commerce Frankfurt am Main (Industrie- und Handelskammer Frankfurt am Main), actively participating as speaker in their industry forums, conferences and workshops regarding trade and export finance or Africa-related topics.