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Our Expertise

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exficon offers professional procurement support services for both, public authorities or state-owned enterprises and for privately-owned companies regarding procurement programs. The firm offers independent third-party steering of the tender process (in accordance with applicable local procurement laws), transparent evaluation and appropriate documentation of the entire process.

Ever since 2013, exficon’s team has worked for and with clients in 25+ countries across the African continent and other selected countries in South East Asia and the Caucasus region.

exficon has teamed up with QOIS GmbH, a project management company providing technical know-how and engineering skills necessary to complement our own services to provide the full package of technical and financial services as sourcing agent during procurement processes to our common customers.

Tender management or sourcing agent services are processes that involve strategic planning of the entire procurement process, starting from invitation to tender to recommendation of award of contract – fully meeting compliance regulations and procurement laws. exficon conducts the tender procedure in close consultation and coordination with the project partners (public or private side). We will prepare a third-party statement regarding the award of contract with the final decision always to be taken by the partner in the project country.

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